Sales Projects

We develop the Projects to Companies that want Begin or Grow your Sales and Business in German and European Market.

Where all Projects are developed with complete Management and Approach to achieve the Clients Expectancy.

We work together with the Client, due to the Project must have your personal characteristics and identity, so couple to the Client with the Market, like this getting on the best Synergy.

Our focus is your establish in the Market, through the an structured Project, this is possible and with the perfect implantation of the Project, the Business Success in the Germany and Europe become inevitable.

We measure the difficult and obstacle with transparency but we work with the certain that the obstacle can become front steps to us up achieve the Results.

Steps of Projects

  • Information studies
  • Field Analyse and Studies
  • Search the Tools necessary
  • Team
  • Sales and Marketing Way
  • POS or Clients
  • Plans and Strategies
  • Sales and Business Project

Results of Project

  • Business Model
  • Product Analysis
  • Commercial Flow
  • Distribution Flow
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Products Feed Back
  • Contact to Main Players
  • License and Register needs
  • Sales Projections
  • Price Analysis
  • Strategic Plans
  • Success Probability
  • Controls
  • Conclusion


After the Project conclude, delivery, presented and approve of Client.

We can implantation of Project to the Operationalization, thus will discuss case by case to find the best break-even-point between Companies.

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